Visuals as a Service—How Amazon, Timex, Tetra Pak and More Use RealityServer

Last month at NVIDIA GTC Digital 2020 migenius had the pleasure of presenting along side our long term customer Amazon on the concept of Visuals as a Service. This presentation is now available online and if you would like to see what several industry leading companies are already doing with RealityServer be sure to check it out.


You’ve almost certainly already seen RealityServer visuals without even knowing it. If you’ve ever purchased simple USB cables or countless other products from then you’ve seen an example of how photorealistic rendering with RealityServer is being used to replace traditional photography.

Images by Amazon

You can see the full details of our presentation with Amazon, including downloadable slides on the GTC Digital website here. Registration is free and it gives you access to a lot of great talks that were presented. If you’d prefer to watch on YouTube the presentation video is embedded below.

We have a lot of customers asking us about the right technique to use for various applications like configurators and batch rendering solutions. This presentation gives a great overview of all of the different methods and their advantages and disadvantages.

Of course, if you’d like to checkout RealityServer yourself be sure to get in touch.